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Thread: Help using a datagrid

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    Help using a datagrid

    Hi. I am working on a asp.net application that retrieves data from a access database. I have three related tables (Customers, Orders, Payment). I am using a ddl to provide a list of customers that when clicked on populates some textboxes with customer data. That part is working. I would like to populate a datagrid with order and payment information that relates to the specific customer clicked on in the ddl. As the related information is in the datagrid I would like to add/edit order and payment information. Does anyone know how I might accomplish this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. HPU

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    I would use a hypertext column and have it go the another page to edit that record. Make the id of the item the query string, make sure it is incrimeing so that there are no duplicates.

    Personally I favor the repeater over the data grid because it gives me more freedom.

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    I don't understand your example.

    I am not familiar with the code you are referring to. I am kinda new at ASP.net. This is what I have working thus far. I am using a ddl with some customers name loaded into it when the page loads. When the user selects a customer, the associated text boxes populate with that customers data, (ie. address, phone, etc.) What I would like to do is to extract associated order and payment data from the order and payment tables and populate two datagrids with the associated order and payment data. Do you have any ideas as to how I might do this? Any help would be Greatly appreciated. Thanks again. HPU1

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