I have a .asp form page that submits to another .asp page that uses cdonts to send me an email and does a response.redirect back to the form page. I need to preserve (keep) a couple of text box values and a couple of dropdown box values. At this point I have global.asa variables for the fields in question and they are all set to null. I can't figure out how to put the contents back in the fields on the form, when it returns from the cdonts page. I assume that I must save all the field values in the session variables just prior to the submit to the cdonts page, but then what?

If you can show me how to accomplich this for one text field called name and one dropdown box called PUDeliv (one option for pickup and one for delivery), it would be greatly appreciated.

To get a better picture, go to www.faxfoodorder.com/newpage2.asp - This page submits to /get3.asp which retrieves all the form fields and sends an email using cdonts and then redirects back to newpage2.asp.


P.S. I use outlook, IE 6.0