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Thread: 3 questions?

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    3 questions?

    Hi, I'm new to web-design and would like some suggestions on the questions below..

    How long does it take search engines to index my sit? (especially Google)

    What suggestions do you have regarding getting links into my site from relevant sites, to increase my page rank and visitors? I'm finding this hard to do, as most of them are my competitors etc?

    Should I link all my sites together? Or should I link them all together but miss a couple so it doesn't create a web? I have 10 sites now, all dead simple with keywords etc.

    Thanks for all your help,


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    Since you are a newbie, you might want to check out my intro to freelancing site.

    It might take a moment to load since all the information is on 1 page and am in the works of organizing it.

    Check out my Freelance resource page

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