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    PR6 for PR3+

    All Sites

    If you have a site - I'll exchange links with any page on a site over a PR4 on either a PR5 or PR6 page, providing they don't have many links on the page that they are linking from - Note, if you have a music related site, I will trade with a PR3+ and place your link on a PR6 page.

    Contact Stephen Bradley for further info

    http://www.link-site.net/sites.htm <- PR6
    http://www.link-site.net/projects.htm <- PR5
    http://www.link-site.net/forums.htm <- PR6
    http://www.link-site.net/directories.htm <- PR6
    http://www.link-site.net/about.htm <-PR6
    http://www.link-site.net/staff.htm <-PR6

    You MUST email zain@juicyduff.com if you are interested, as I am far too busy and don't have much time to check back on these posts.

    [edit]: forgot to mention you get 2 PR6/PR5 links to the site you want to be linked to on a single page
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