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Thread: Applets stopped working all of a sudden.

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    Applets stopped working all of a sudden.


    I have a website that uses two 3rd party java applets, both licensed.

    Yesterday morning they both stopped working the same time and display a red X in the corner with the error Applet <name> Notinited. Looking in the Java Sun console I get the error:

    load: class <name> not found
    java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: <name>

    Now, I can tell you that nothing has changed on our site in the last week. I have also tested this from other machines and the same problem occurs.

    In the applet code I am not using the codebase property and the .jar files are in the same folder as the calling script.

    At first I thought permissions, corruption or virus. I have virus scanned my local machine and even re-installed java. I am now running
    Java 2 v1.42_05. I do not use Microsoft JVM.

    Any help really appreciated.

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    Class not found usually means that the .class file is no longer at the location pointed to by the applet tag.

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