I don't know if this is a Coldfusion or server problem, but I have searched high and low on the internet and can't seem to find a reason why this is happening. I've posted on many forums with no one really understanding this. I am running Coldfusion 6.1 on Windows 2000 and IIS 5. I just recently installed a shopping engine which was working fine. All of a sudden, last week, I started to notice that pages are not fully loading. You wind up seeing stray html on the page and when you view the source, the html is just cut off. No ending </html>. It'll end something like this: <input type="hidden and that is what you will see on the page. (Both in IE and Netscape). The company from which we purchased the shopping engine has never seen anything like this before. And it isn't the shopping engine because I have just noticed this on other sites of ours too. Last week, I installed the latest updates to Coldfusion, with no change. I'm still having this problem. THIS IS INTERMITTENT AND HAPPENING ON SEVERAL SITES THAT WE HOST. People have suggested that is could be the html, but then why would this be happening all of a sudden on several sites? Has anyone ever heard of this before? What can I do? Thanks.