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    Question Display table


    I have a table in the database (Access Database) and i want to be able to edit the existing values in the table and also add values in the table from the web page...

    I am a newbie in ASP and i dont know what will be better to use...

    Can anyone please tell me what will be better to use (e.g display the table in the web page and allow the user to do anything???)

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    Can anyone please tell me what will be better to use
    Which to use? what do you mean? Do you mean display the table on the site or let the user edit it? Im confused.Ok you can let users edit values on a table and display it but at the same time you can download your mdb and edit it and then reupload it. Just because people edit it online does not mean in cant be edited offline and just because it is printed in a data grid or table does not mean that it cannot be edited. I am confused as to what exactly you are asking.

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    Angry display table

    The values of the table will be displayed in the web page... Using (e.g. datagrid, edit boxes, as a table) and the user will be able to edit and add values in the table... and the table will be updated...

    Which way is better...?

    I checked the internet but i did not find anything similar to take an idea...

    I would appreciate it if someone gives an idea on how to do it...

    Thanks in advance...

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