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    Phoenix Web Design Firm

    Just looking for some honest feedback on our site.


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    It definitley looks good. It's very eye catching to me, but some people might find that the colours are to light, and you text might seem to small. Tables arn't really the best thing to use, but at least you used them to a somewhat clean extent. but that design would be very easy to convert to CSS. check your code with the w3c validator. I'm at school, so i cant change the screen resolution, but i think its good to go. It also looks good in both firefox and IE. Maybe a few changes, but its all good
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    Hrmm.. The main menu buttons aren't caching the rollovers. :|

    When I rollover one image, I have to wait 2 seconds before the rollover occurs.

    Also, try to not use javascript. Javascript is very inaccessible, including when there are people have their JS disabled.

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