We have a new cascading menu on our site. It's an external js file. We have seen other sites with similar menus, but they somehow have them centered and we have not figured out how to center it. The menu is live on http://http:www/startovertoday.com - Any help would be appraciated. We have always had our website centered and would like to keep it that way. Do you know how to center this baby?

What I mean by centering the menu is centering the alignment. We can center the table that holds all of the content so that no matter what screen size a user has, our site appears centered in the screen. It is currently aligned to the left bcause while we can easily center the alignment of the table and thus the whole site, we are unable to center the alignment of the java script cascading menu, it remains anchored to the left of the page. We would like to align the menu to the center, along with all of our content.

1) Here is the new / current home page with menu on the left: http://www.startovertoday.com/

2) Here's an older page centered. See it has a different (non java) menu: http://www.startovertoday.com/free-consultation.shtml

We want the cascading menu on page 1 above centered like page 2. Make sense?

We can provide the script on request if needed.

We appreciate any tips!