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Thread: Sending emails with Flash - Please Help??

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    Sending emails with Flash - Please Help??

    Does anyone know how to create a send function using flash were, when the user clicks on the send option a small send function will appear on the flash page with options to input your name and email a message and the recievers name and email and then click send, does anyone have any code or examples or .fla files for this or links to sites that have the .fla for it or tutorials - please Help??

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    Hey mate . . .
    I learnt to make a PHP form with Flash from www.kirupa.com . . .they have a tutorials section, sorry but dont have time to find the specific one at the moment . . .cheers

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    you will definatly need a server side language to connect tot he smtp server to do this. PHP (as posted above) is an option, also asp, asp.net, cgi, jsp, so on and so fourth.

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