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Thread: Clear Background?

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    Clear Background?

    I posted this in the "Java Script" forum and was told it was posted in the wrong forum. I'll take a shot that the post can be answered here. Here is the original post:

    Hello To All!

    I have been out of the web design field for many years and was just recently asked to do a site for my local church at www.wcog.net

    I would like to place a piece of script on the home page in the upper righ-hand corner of the page. It is, in fact, already there.

    My problem is that I want the theme to show through. I want a clear background so all the visitors see is the text and NOT the grey color that is currently there. I have viewed the HTML for my site but just can't get the right hex code.

    How can I make the background transparent?


    Jeff Farrar

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    That applet causes a huge load time hit for really very little value. I'd either dump it entirely or replace it with a bit of Javascript. As far as the grey goes, have you tried just leaving out the background color and border color parameters?

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    Where Might I find a script to display the time? I can do a search so don't go to any bother just thought you might have something at your fingertips.

    thanks for the help,


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    Try replacing this...
          <p align="right">
            <applet code="Time.class" codebase="http://wcog.net/v-web/date/" width="225" height="20">
              <param name="textcolor" value="800000">
              <param name="backcolor" value="c0c0c0">
              <param name="font" value="Arial">
              <param name="fontsize" value="11">
              <param name="bordercolor" value="c0c0c0">
    ...with this...
    <p style="text-align: right; color: #800000; font-family: arial, sans-serif;
    font-size: 11px; font-weight: bold;">
    <script lang="JavaScript">
      today = new Date();
    Pretty darned close to what you have, except it is static (time does not increment).
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