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Thread: Using ADO in ASP

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    Using ADO in ASP

    I am attempting to retieve data from Access DB using ADO Objects. When I execute the ASP file I am informed my results are empty.. as if the data base isn't found or the data base is not referenced propertly and the query returns empty. I am using an NT4 workstation (SP5). All data bases and ASP files are on local machine and not going over network. I notice that there is an ADO folder in C:/programfiles/common files/System but not sure of what else needs to be installed or how to check the installation. I do not believe that my IT dept would allow installation of PWS or other services due to security. How could I check to see if installed and how do I get connectivity I need?

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    are you using adodb.recordset and adodb.connection?

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    I am using commands such as

    Set Connection = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") and similarly for the result set.

    My problem may be more funadmental as I have just learned I need to install PWS or IIS for this to work. None of the material I read pointed this out explicitly.. Just listed code and said how to connect to data base. I may not be able to install such components due to security issues.

    If this is the case.. I still need a way to access data base without a server side script that requires OS features that are not currently supported on my workstation.

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