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Thread: How to check whether a filie is existing

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    How to check whether a filie is existing

    Well I am tying to open a file for reading which does not exist and thus getting an erro message. How to check whether a file is existing before I open it for reading?

    I am using VB.NET and doing windows application

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    Well what I would probably do is create a data set with all the files in the directory in it, then check the file name string with the data set. There is probably a more efficient way, but this could make it easier for you if you want to use other information about the file or several files. I can probably post code on how to populate a data set with file info or read from a directory.

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    You should use the System.IO.File class. It has a shared method called Exists.

    Imports System.IO
    ' then in the function
    If File.Exists(filepath) Then
      'open it
      'dont open it.
    End If

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