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    View unanswered posts

    I think this forum needs a "View unanswered posts" link. Perhaps right above the "View new posts" link. I've seen some phpBB forums that have this... I'm not sure how hard it would be to do something similar with vBulliten, but I'm thinking someone who knows some PHP and MySQL shoudl be able to write something up. I think a web developer forum especially needs this, so none of the questions posted go unanswered

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    I think this is a great Idea

    EDIT: Im moving You to 3. on respect list

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    Weird... I thought this functionality already existed but now that I look I can't find it... Guess it was just wishful thinking.

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    I think that is a great idea. That would really be good

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    Just modify the search function to select only topics where replycount = 0, shouldn't be all that difficult

    Though there are a lot of people that post something, and then again asking if anyone is going to look at their code.
    2 posts = 1 question + 1 reply = not shown in "Unanswered posts topic"

    Then again, you could check to see if all the reply's in a topic have been done by the topic starter, and if so, still show that topic in the list. But maybe the 2nd post was to say that they solved the problem themselves, and thus you have 'Answered posts' among the 'Unanswererd posts'

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