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Thread: Personalizing your data grid?

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    Personalizing your data grid?

    Can someone point me to a good "Simple" article on changing the look of your datagrid...for instance I don't want it to show First_Name right out of the database but I'd like to change that to something like "The Person's First Name" instead. Thx in Advance.

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    What do you mean the person's first name and first_name?

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    to make the datagrid's column names different than the datasource column names:
    data grids have a property named AutoGenarate or AutoGenerateColumns (not sure about the exact name, find it out), set it to false.

    i recommend u use Visual Studio.net, when u click on the data grid, all its properties are shown for u. after setting the property to false , u can use the "columns" property in the Propertis window in VS.net to customize ur columns...

    u can find more details in all books about asp.net

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