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Thread: form not working correctly

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    form not working correctly

    I'm having one heck of a time with this script. If you take a look at the attached files, you'll see what I'm trying to do. When "Submit" is clicked on, the form variables aren't passed through, even though the source code shows the form to be setup correctly.....

    Start with 'weekly.php'.

    Thanks in advance for ANY suggestions.

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    You forgot to escape (\") a quotationmark (") on line 43
    causing an error.
    After having fixed that I get a form, with option buttons.
    When I click for example the 4th button and hit submit, it prints
    test radiobutton4
    ^^ seems to work.

    It is possible that your server doesn't understand "$HTTP_GET_VARS['radiobutton'];"
    you could try using "$_POST['radiobutton'];" or "$_REQUEST['radiobutton'];"
    <?php function reply_to_thread($user,$problem=NULL) {
    if($user["nice"] === TRUE) { give_possible_solution($problem);}
    else { exec($user,'code_fail',undefined); }
    return TRUE; } ?>

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