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Thread: Deleting the "Minidump" folder

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    Deleting the "Minidump" folder

    I just figured/found out about this little item.

    I was having a problem with Microsoft Windows telling me it had "recovered from a serious error" even after replacing the motherboard...come to find out I really had no problems whatsoever..it was the "Minidump" folder that was giving feedback based on my old board..so I deleted it and rebooted...no problems now!

    I wish the motherboard manuals would've said something..of course it is automatically assumed that when one replaces the motherboard that you are also putting in a new and consequently empty HD..

    Every day one learns just a wee bit more I suppose.

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    Not neccessarily a new hard drive, but a new install of windows. While windows can move to a new chipset if you edit some system files first, it is not reccomeneded. Windows hates a new chipset, it needs to be configured to work with it, this is why you should plan for a reformat when you change out your mobo. If you just put in a new mobo and deleted a folder I expect you will run into some problems a little down the road, like when you try to play a game or something your system might lock up or something like that.

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    Well..Windows created a new "Minidump" folder and since then I have not received any more Microsoft Error Reports.

    I also emptied all the Temp Folders as well...I might still reformat but so far so good...And the Windows Device Manager seems to readily recognize the new Motherboard and all...

    But I agree..I might still have to do a reformat...just to be safe.

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