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Thread: mailform sent mail to bulk mail

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    mailform sent mail to bulk mail


    I have made a form that send an activation code to the visitor.
    This works fine however, free mail providers like Hotmail places this e-mail in the BULK MAIL FOLDER.

    How can I prevent this, so users get the e-mail in the inbox folder?

    This is my code to send the e-mail:

    on error resume next
    Set Mailer = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")

    MailTo = email
    MailFrom = "no-reply@blabla.nl"
    Mailer.From = "blabla"
    Mailer.To = email
    Mailer.Subject = "activeer uw account"

    Message = "Beste "&voornaam&", <br><br> Klik op de volgende link om je account ...etc."


    Mailer.Body = Message
    Set Mailer = nothing

    Tnx in advange,
    Gerjan Schoemaker

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    Yahoo (and others) use an algorithm (one they do not disclose) to determine what goes into the bulk mail folder. So, technically, there is nothing you can do to prevent this. You should create a Yahoo account and do some testing with different subject lines and body text. Don't put any $ or pricing information in the subject.

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    I had the same problem with my automatic mailer. In some cases you need to put in the FROM or TO mail field of the mail object, a valid e-mail address of the domain from which the e-mail is sent.
    i.e. if your domain is Adomain.com then one of the two object fields(FROM in your case) must be amail@Adomain.com. I had this problem with Jmail..you can try it out

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    yes i had this problem on my intranet at work.
    If i did not supply a valid email address it would get
    sent to the junk mail folder.
    I would assume other email providers have this same type
    of filtering set up as well .

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    Thank you guys,

    I figgerd out what the problem was.
    It was indead the FROM variable giving a problem.

    I had only:
    MailFrom = "no-reply@blabla.nl"
    What only sents an e-mail address with it, but it had to be:
    MailFrom = "no-reply@blabla.nl (Blabla)"
    Which also sents a FROM NAME.

    Tnx again,
    Gerjan Schoemaker

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