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Thread: Problem with IIS

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    Exclamation Problem with IIS

    Hi all,

    I'm curently developing a project using ASP in a Windows XP Pro environment. Everything works fine until I transfer the project to a Windows 2000 server. I get errors similar to the following :-

    CreateObject Exception


    Is there anything that needs to be set in the Windows 2000 IIS or is it my codes?

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    i have similar set up, develop on XP and hosted on 2000 server. I have the same problem when i was trying to use an object that didn't reside on the hosts PC. One of the objects i had problems with was the pagecounter object, i had this no my XP machine but my hosts 2000 server didn't hence the error CreateObject Exception.
    IIS has installable components such as:

    Ad Rotator Component
    Content Linking Component
    Content Rotator Component
    Loggin Utility Component
    MyInfo Component
    Page Counter Component
    permission Checker Component
    Tools Component

    My guess is that you are trying to use one of these which you have on your XP PC but not on your 2000 server machine.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for your input. But I don't think thats the problem. The problem doesn't pop up all the time. And i'm still stump. Not sure what the problem is.

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    Yes, basically every script in my project calls the Server.CreateObject method to create Recordsets and Connections. Therefore the problem pops up in every page.

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