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Thread: Question to SSI users

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    Question to SSI users

    I want to change value of "virtual" dinamic. For example, I want to
    make virtual as variable:

    <!--#set var="leftmenu" value="http://localhost/ssi/head.shtml" -->
    <!--#include virtual="$leftmenu" -->

    Yes, I know this sintax is wrong but I hope you can correct
    it or consider another way.
    Thank you.

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    Actually, you syntax looks fine. It should work except that SSI cannot make an HTTP request. And since you are trying to load a file on the same server you need provide the local path and not a URL.
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    Thank you, Charles! You protected my code and it began to work in this morning. May be I was mistaken yesterday when considered all syntax variants.
    Unfortunately, I wanted to use http links so much!
    Thank again!

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