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Thread: How to know/monitor when/what Google has visited/indexed?

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    How to know/monitor when/what Google has visited/indexed?

    That's a nice title, right? This will make it to position 1 I believe lol

    Anyway, someone knows the answer? Is there software available.
    I already did a little research, so I can tell that investigating the server logs is no option to me as my site is on a host server.

    Thanks in advance! -Bobby Smiles-

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    If your site is on a host server that has cpanel then most likely it will also have AWStats and you can monitor the Googlebot through this. Also, you should be able to download your log files and run them through a free app like FunnelWeb to check stats.

    If all else fails you can check your rankings at: http://www.googlerankings.com/ which lets you check your website's ranking in the top 1000.

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