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Thread: email a pdf online

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    email a pdf online

    Is there anyway to take a pdf that if fill in able and have it emailed??

    I want them to be able to fill out press submit and the pdf will be emailed.

    (The client wants it to stay a pdf and not be switched to a web form)

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    No. You can generate pdf files (see adobe.com) but you can't edit one via a web page (at least as far as I know).

    What you can do, is create a web form (i know, the client doesn't want to) and then when the form is submitted, generate the pdf server-side and email it.

    For the record i want to say (and some will disagree, but i believe this adamantly) that pdfs are wholly unsuitable for the web. They are the largest file size, requiring the longest download times; they require the use of third party software to render (some people won't have it installed, or have a lower version) and Acrobat is the slowest loading plug-in I can think of. Pdfs should ONLY be offerred as downloadable documentation and never as presentation material.

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