What is HiJackThis
HiJackThis is a small program that looks through your computer, and gives us a snapshot of your programs etc. It enables us to spot viruses and spyware, through the running processes and autostart sections, and also (the main function of HiJackThis) browser hijack attempts.

You should post a HiJackThis log if:
  • You have been asked to do so by someone here.
  • Your computer is running slowly, which it never used to.
  • You receive error messages after loading windows.
  • Your hompage has been changed without your permission.

For these instructions we have assumed you have basic familiarity with folders and how to unzip things. If you require further instructions you can pm me here.

How to post a HiJackThis (HJT) log

Firstly you need to download the program. Go here and download it. If for any reason you can't access the site, other download locations can be found on google.
The file is 194kb, so it shouldn't be take too long, whatever your connection speed.

Unzipping it
Make a new folder on your hard drive, in a permenant location - e.g. C:\HJT\, then unzip the file into it. The reasons for this include the fact that HiJackthis makes backups. If the backups were in a temp directory which was emptied, you could lose your backups and be unable to undo any changes. Since we all make mistakes from time to time, this wouldn't be a good idea.

Running it
Find the place where you put HiJackThis, then double-click it to run it. You should get a program with a mostly blank screen. Click the 'scan and save a log' button in the top left corner. After it has completed (should take a few seconds), the log should open in a new notepad window anyway, and you can choose where to save it.
DON'T fix anything yet! Most of the entries are legitimate files. A person experienced in analysing HiJackThis logs is needed to differentiate the bad from the good.

Posting your log
Copy the entire contents of the log file and paste them into your reply. Don't forget to say exactly what problems you have been experiencing with your computer. We will then respond to it as quickly as we can. Please note that all of the people who analyse logs are volunteers, so please be patient.

Remember we are working on your system settings by changing things in HiJackThis. Since we all make mistakes sometimes, we strongly suggest you backup your data if possible, as neither the forum members, moderators, companies concerned, or anyone else I haven't yet thought of, can accept any responsibility for any data loss which may occur through advice given in these forums. Thank you.