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Thread: Looking got New Programers for Programing group

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    Looking for Newbie Programers for Programing group

    I am currenty looking for programmers how would like to join a freelance programming group. I am looking for people who know or are learning PHP and PERL. But other programmers are wanted. I am looking for it to be a small group of around 5 people. It will be part time . Please EMAIL me with all inqueries. As soon as i have a few people dedicated we will start on our website.

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    Could you post more details? What exactly will this "programming community" do?

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    Basically its a Freelance Programming group so we will take on Freelance programming jobs from Scriptlance.com and other sites and work on the projects. Basically we will have a web site that we operate out of and a Forum i will set up where we can discuss projects and help each other. It will mainly be an enviroment to progress and learn scripting languages. I plan to make it a small group of around 5 or 6 people.

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    The best place would for you be to post your job add at www.onlinelance.com under the section (post a free job) to find developers.

    Oh did i forget to mention , this freelance site is totally free.The only on internet, so it wont cost you anything to even post a projct here.


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