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Thread: Battlefield 2 Community (need coder^^)

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    Battlefield 2 Community (need coder^^)

    Hello all, this is SilentWarrior, an admin of The BF2 Community . Battlefield 2 is a PC game too be released around next march. It is the sequel to the very popular Battlefield 1942 game and expansions. This sequel is going to be the same amazing online play with very good graphics and possibly 64-100+ people in one server.

    Anyways to get back on topic and to my request. BF2.org is looking for some Website Coders to help assist with development of our site. If you even know about this game than you may want to help us code (if you have the skillz). We are a very popular site getting 1000s of unique ip views sometimes daily.
    If you are a coder and are willing to work for free and help improve our site (whenever you've got time) We would very much appreciate it if you would join our staff and help us out! Some compensation for your help would be priveleges of being a forum mod, a respected member of the community, affliate/partner with a site you have? possibly. And know that you are helping to improve the best damn BF2 site out there We have many forum members and get many hits, but I feel our current site template and design. along with arrangement of things, is...lacking. We are hoping that this will change which is why i am posting here. Everyone here seems to know a lot about website development.

    If you are at all interested and would like further information please do one of the following.
    Contact me via email, silentwarrior@bf2.org
    Contact me via MSN or AIM.
    Go to BF2.org and post in our forums.
    Or reply here.

    C&C the site guyz?

    Thank you for your time,

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    Free? Why free?

    Why should peeps work for free?

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    Because some people
    A) Like the experiance and learn from it.
    B) Become a major part of a community and site
    C) Are generous and nice, have some free time, and if they are gamers than they may like helping out the site.

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