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    Accesable Mortgage Site

    I have tried to code my mortgage site to the 508 standard. Could you please have a look and let me know if there is anything which blatantly sticks out?
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    Your main navigation is invisible when images are disabled. In fact, you don't even need to make your nav bar an image. Background colors and borders would work just fine.

    A link that jumps down to the Mortgage Loan Solutions list would also be usefull. That jump link would work right beside the Skip Navigation link. And actually changing the text to "Jump To Main Content" and "Mortgage Loan Solutions" would be more descriptive for your top page navigation links.
    * Jump To Main Content
    * Mortgage Loan Solutions
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    I'd definitely make the main Nav background colors and borders, and ditch the fixed height for the main navigation. The links overlap the white background when the text is resized. Open the most popular browsers and resize the text at various resolutions to see how things react.

    Use em for a unit of measure while specifying font sizes. IE-Win users can't resize text if the unit of measure is px, pt, in, cm - some sort of concrete unit of measure. Use em, ex or % instead. Not allowing the resizing of text is a BIG accessibility no-no (even though It's IE-Win's fault for not resizing pixel-based text sizes).

    Lousy IE

    Other than those minor issues, it seems to be just fine.

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