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Thread: Absolute positioning, Netscape vs IE

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    Absolute positioning, Netscape vs IE

    I have designed a page of hyperlinks so that each link pops a window with an image inside. The pop-up window tightly hugs the image so there is now white space between the border of the window and the image. Or so I would like it.

    In Netscape, this doesn't pose a problem but Internet explorer shows a nasty little border to the left of the pop-up window.


    The only way I found to solve this problem is the rather dirty method of using CSS to offset the horizontal attribute by 3 pixels "left:-3px" but obviously, this then has an effect on Netscape.

    I now believe that there is no solution to the problem and that I am wasting my time trying to look for a fix. It is in my nature to want to overcome these problems at all costs however so I am unable to progress with the site until the problem is fixed or until my suspicians are confirmed.

    Any help would make my day.

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    It looks fine in IE 5.5

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    To work around browserspecific (and version specific) CSS bugs you can very often use other CSS bugs in browsers.

    If you tell which version you are seeing problems in then I could offer a workaround.

    BTW, this is a good resource of CSS bug workarounds if you want to look into it yourself

    // Stefan Huszics

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