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Thread: size of image in new window

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    size of image in new window

    I am adding a picture to a dermatology website and also want to include a simple bit of javascript to open a new window with a real close-up of the bit of skin involved. The large version of the pic is too big to fit on the screen, so I just want to open a small window and let people scroll around to look at the bit they want.

    So this is what I wrote:

    <a href="xxx.jpg" onclick="window.open('xxx.jpg', 'window_name', 'width=400,height=400,resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes'); return false"><IMG border="0" alt="Click here to view a close up of this condition." src="xxx.jpg"></a>

    However the new window "intelligently" resizes xxx.jpg to fit in it, which completely misses the point. How can I make it leave the picture in its original size?? Please help! I'm using XP.

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    You could access the image through the window name reference and then use that to change the image back to its original specifications.


    Ryan Jones.

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    THanks, could you possibly post an example of how to do that - otherwise I think I'll probably just end up making new html pages for any examples I want to show this way.

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