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Thread: Why is this code not working???

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    Why is this code not working???

    Hi all,

    I wonder if anyone could tell me why this code isn't working:

    <a href onClick="document.write('<input type=hidden name=orderBy value=id>'); javascript:document.echoDb.submit(); alert('It works at least');">id</a>

    the document.write() and the document.submit() seem to work if I use only one at a time.

    I'm some kind of lost here...

    Thanks in advance!

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    the document.write() works in the current code index, this means that it clears the onclick reference to the link, try adding it to a function instead, or failing that use spnas/divs to write it out.

    <a href onClick="spn.innerHTML = '<input type=hidden name=orderBy value=id>'; document.echoDb.submit(); alert('It works at least');">id</a>
    <span id=spn></span>
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