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Thread: How can I have a 'seperate' navigation?

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    How can I have a 'seperate' navigation?

    I have several HTML pages.
    On the top of each page I have a navigation bar.
    On each page, the link for that page is greyed out.

    This causes a problem for me.
    I'm not using frames.
    It means having to have a seperate navigation for each page.
    Having this is a big headache.
    When changes are made to the naviagtion, I have to check every link on every page just to make sure everything's as it should be.

    Is there a simple way to achieve the above?
    Perhaps have an 'include navigation code' instruction or something on every page?
    That way, only one change will ever need be made when the navigation bar changes.

    I can think up a few ways in which I can achieve the above.
    But, I thought I'd ask for some advice and do it the proper way.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.



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    It would require either a server-side language such as Perl, PHP, or ASP, or server-side includes.
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