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    Join our mailing list

    I need some more help, please.

    I am trying to create a "Join our mailing list" form that will allow visitors to subscribe and unsubscribe to an email newsletter and also give them the option of the same for a postal-mailed copy.
    I have no idea how to get the submitted info into a database, so, for now, the form responses would then need to be emailed to my email address.

    Someone please help me?!?
    Thanks! Crystina

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    Thsi will email the form data to you.

    <form action="mailto:your_email_address" method="post" enctype="text/plain">

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    Thank you very much for your help! I know it's a simple little thing, but I've never worked with this before, so I'm still learning. Thanks again. Seems to work fine.

    Quick question...
    When I test it and hit submit, I get a popup window that says
    "This form is being sent using email. Submitting this form will reveal your email address to the recipient...." and gives the option of cancelling or continuing. On continue, I get another popup which states that a program is attempting to send a message on my behalf. It then has a "to" feild which is blank and a Subject feild which states "Form posted from Microsoft Internet Explorer." How do I edit that so that 1) the user doesn't get the first popup, or if that's not possible, 2) the to feild is my email and the subject is defaulted to Join the List, etc?

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