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Thread: Maintenence Packages

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    Maintenence Packages

    Do you guys offer maintenence packages to your customers? Mostly just basic updates with a monthly charge?

    To me it seems like a good way to guarantee revenue every month.

    If you do what do you charge and what does it include? Have you had any draw backs? Are most clients interested?


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    Yes, I have a monthly maintenances packages that I make available to my customers and is defiantly a good extra source of income. Good that you reminded me, I need to increase/update my maintenance pricing.

    Unfortunally my other part-time job does not give me access to my website so I can't provide you with the complete URL.

    You can visit my site at www.intensedevelopment.net and visit my SERVICE section and look under my website design page where there is a link to my maintenance guide and pricing.

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