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    graphics editor

    hai i'm jess here, currently i doing a project titled interactive graphics editor.

    in this editor, i would like to implement editor, such as copy, cut, paste & select to the object i had draw. i don know how to write the source code 4 copy, cut, paste and select. can u pls kindly help me with the coding. my application now is only can draw and fill shape with color. the edit part stil can't complete.

    pls help me, , i know u can 1.

    if really can't help, can u suggest someone i can look for.

    for ur imformation, i need to past up the application b4 12/mar.

    if u want, i can show u the coding i have.

    hope u can reply me as soon as posible.

    thanks a lot, my friend, even though i don know u.

    may God bless u in whatever u do.


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    I guess you could take a look at how Gimp does it.

    It's an open source Graphics editor so I guess it could show you in the right direction.

    // Stefan Huszics

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