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Thread: gaps and exit

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    gaps and exit

    I have tried and tried, but to no avail have i succeded. I want to reduce the size of the gaps inbetween the left side of the website(not the very left) and the left boxes; the right boxes from the left boxes; and increase the width of the boxes on the right, without increasing the width of the whole website.

    And while im at it, if anyone knows much about MySQL maybe they can answer this question: If i get rid of the "exit;" at the end of a block of code(php), does it really make a difference? I had an exit for after you search but then it didnt allow the whole site to fully load if i used the exit function.

    EDIT: changed file to html(in zipped folder)
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    could u post it as a html file?i got trouble seeing the code

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    I reuploaded the file as html in a zipped folder....

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