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Thread: prob.. confirm message

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    prob.. confirm message


    its the updation query.In this page when i click the update button it updates the values in the row..and this query is working...

    I want to do that..when i click a update button it gives me a confirms message whether did u want to update the row and also displaying the particular gl_code no in that confirms message.when i click on yes it updates the row..otherwise it doesnot.

    after updation it shows message that this particular gl_code no is has been updated.

    String action = request.getParameter("action");

    if (action != null && action.equals("update")) {

    PreparedStatement pstatement = conn.prepareStatement(
    "UPDATE gl_mast SET gl_descr = ?, db_amt = ?, " +
    "cr_amt = ?, gl_type = ? , gl_pct = ? WHERE gl_code=?");

    pstatement.setString(1, request.getParameter("gl_descr"));
    pstatement.setString(4, request.getParameter("gl_type"));

    int rowCount = pstatement.executeUpdate();



    Statement statement = conn.createStatement();

    ResultSet rs = statement.executeQuery
    ("SELECT * FROM gl_mast ");


    <form action="gl_update.jsp" method="get">
    <input type="hidden" value="update" name="action">
    <td><input value="<%= rs.getInt("gl_code") %>" size="5" name="gl_code"></td>
    <td><input value="<%= rs.getString("gl_descr") %>" size="55" name="gl_descr"></td>
    <td><input value="<%= rs.getFloat("db_amt") %>" size="12" name="db_amt"></td>
    <td><input value="<%= rs.getFloat("cr_amt") %>" size="12" name="cr_amt"></td>
    <td><input value="<%= rs.getString("gl_type") %>" size="3" name="gl_type"></td>
    <td><input value="<%= rs.getFloat("gl_pct") %>"size="5" name="gl_pct"></td>
    <td><input type="submit" value="Update"></td>

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    you can use JavaScript for such functionality...the following line
    <input type="submit" value="Update">

    should be like this

    <input type="submit" value="Update" onclick="return confirm('do u really want to submit?');"/>

    Now I want to suggest here that you must want to remove your business logic code(database queries) to some hidden part of the application, using db queries in a jsp is probably oneof the worst practices that one can resort to in web programming with java.


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