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Thread: how do u fix ur fans?

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    how do u fix ur fans?

    well, i am just wondering how should i fix my fan? for now, i fixed it like one absorbing the air from the casing and the other blowing air into the casing.
    is this the right way for good ventilation?
    I have thought of putting both fans absorbing the hot air out. but without air blowing into the casing, wouldnt the components inside the casing get heated up as well?

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    "absorbing"? Lets use the terms input output. Make sure most of your fans are output, the reason why is if you are just blowing air in then you are blowing the hot air already in your case back onto your hard ware. I have all of my fans blowing out, except for two at the front that provide the new air. I suggest sort of trying to make your case like a wind tunnel. Make all of the fans from 5 of the sides of the case push the air out, which creates a vaccume, and the fans on the remianing side will push fresh air in. I can show you a diagram I made in paint some time ago... let me find it, ah here it is: http://quasi-ke.servebeer.com/airflow.gif... it is color coded. Blue is cold, yellow is luke warm, orange is warm, red is hotish.

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    Hmmm... I do exactly the opposite. I have most of my fans blowing in. Therefore the pressure inside the case is much more and the air literally blows out of any hole you have in the case. It works for me.
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    Haveing more fans puseing out is alot better because, how the hell do you think the hot air get out. I have 2 fans blowing in and 5 going out

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    Pressure imbalance man. The air inside the case will be pushed out, or rather sucked out by the low pressure atmosphere outside of the case.
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    The physics of it:
    Heat can flow, we all know this. But if the air in the case is stangnant its heat is going to equal out with the heat of the hardware. When this happens no heat will flow. Because no heat is flowing off of the hardware the hardware will heat up some heat will go to the air, so on and so fourth. Bottom line is the temperatre (which is not the same as heat) will increase. Cooler air will be able to absorb more heat (heat can be thought of as kinetic energy on an atomic level, but I like to think of it as a loss of kinetic or electrical energy to the environment) then the warmer air. So ideally you want to exaust the warm air asap and replace it with cool air to keep heat flowing from the hardware. This is the basic principle with any air conditioner, take the heat from the inside of the system and move it outside of the system which will therefore decrease the temperature inside of the system. But if you have all of the fans blowing in you are just pushing more air on top of warm air and that warm air will be compressed up against the hard ware. Sure air is going to leave through the few holes within the case, and sure the cool air is going to take some heat from the warm air, but I find this method less effective. Ideally the case will have the warm air flowing out at one end and the cool air flowing in at another, make the case a wind tunnel if you will. I just feel that having more output fans is more effective then having more input fans.

    Heatsink fans sort of go both ways, I have seen heat sink fans that blow air onto the sink and fans that flow (or rather pull) air off of the sink so that new air can move in.

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    Yea, maybe I'll try that but I think mine still works because the cool air from the outside is physically displacing (pushing) the warm air out of the case. I may be wrong however...
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