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Thread: SEO techniques for flash sites

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    SEO techniques for flash sites

    I'm doing a site entirely in Flash, and I know that Flash sites don't optimize well for the search engines. Does anybody have some experience making sites entirely in Flash, and what techniques worked for the search engines when you did?

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    Most search engines view Flash the same as they do an image.
    They are starting to get smarter and be able to see into Flash files but I'm not sure which ones or how much.
    The best thing to do is only use Flash as an add-on effect to an already functional site or at least have a standard link menu at the bottom of the page and a static site map page.
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    Re: SEO techniques for flash sites

    Originally posted by Gert
    I'm doing a site entirely in Flash
    That is your problem. If you want an accessible, usable site that can be indexed by search engines you need to use open standards rather than proprietary technologies. Produce a HTML-based version of the site, and link to a Flash version for those people who want it.

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    you might have to go ugly way....add text in a div and then give it left and top in negative like -300...so it will not appear on screen. but its not valid.

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    I dislike flash, when you see an ad that looks intresting but it's in flash I tend to ignore it because I'm unsure about whether or not it will use the current window or open a new one(and unlike HTML thers no open-link-in-new-window option in the rightclick menu), the same aplies for most site that use flash, I like to be in control of where a window opens not some person who I've never met before who thinks I'll only every want one page open at a time.
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