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Thread: PSP Transparancy

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    Question PSP Transparancy

    I followed the below directions untill I got to: Modify->. But under that menu, "transparent Color" doesn't exist.
    This is Version 9 ot the program. Anyone have experience with this?


    1.Open or create the image you wish to add transparency to. Now, use the Eye Dropper tool to select the color from your image which will be used for the transparency (do this by right clicking on the portion of your image where the particular color is located).

    2. Now, press CRTL+A to select all and then choose Selections->Modify->Transparent Color and set it to Background color and Tolerance 0.

    3. Now go to Color->Decrease Color Depth->256 Colors and use the settings below:
    1)Optimized Median Cut
    2)Nearest Color
    and click OK.

    4. Next, go to Colors->Set Palette Transparency... see below and click ok (if you want to test the transparency, click the proof button).

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    Well, the tutorial in PSP 9 is a lot easier.

    1. Open the image you wish to add trancparency to.

    2. Set the background color to the transparency color you want.

    3. CTRL+A (Select All)

    4. CTRL+SHIFT+V (Image->Palette->Set Palette Transparency)
    Press "OK" to convert the image to 256 Colors.
    Set Palette Transpareny Settings:
    "Set the transparency value to the current background color:"

    Hit proof to preview.
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    Thumbs up PSP Transparancy


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