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Thread: Control of field prompt

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    Question Control of field prompt

    Anyone help with this - its weird!
    We have built a currency trading application in HTML php/mySQL

    Query relates to the behaviour of the field prompt (flashing vertical line on LHS of form fields)
    In all popup windows, these work fine, flashing regularly (as they do)

    For forms which launch into the pane into which the database views are (sometimes) displayed (which use Javascript to manage the screen refresh), the field prompt goes haywire, flickering irregularly.

    Anyone a) any idea whats going on or b)any thoughts about control of the prompt properties (eg change flash rate, switch off altogether)?

    Any thoughts/insights gratefully received!

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    There are no controls for the blinking behaviour (in terms of speed or fluidity) of the system caret (the text cursor to which you are referring). If it is erratic, then I would say that one possibility is that you have client-side script which is looping to the point that the browser is trying to hang. The freeing up vs. freezing up of system resources would cause the system caret to behave erratically. The other possibility is that the page content is also refreshing erratically. This, too, would cause the system caret to behave erratically.

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    Many thanks for this - we'll have a look at the client-side code

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