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Thread: I removed all the tables

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    I removed all the tables

    And I'm starting over from scratch. Basically I want this background for my layout, and I want a text area in the blackened rectangle. Are the re any ideas on how to go about this? I am familiar with XHTML, CSS and little else. Please help as much as you can.

    Also if anyone neeeds them I can hook you up with gmail accounts if you help me, sorry but that's all I have to give.
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    Re: I removed all the tables

    Originally posted by codespace
    I am familiar with XHTML, CSS and little else.
    If you're familiar with XHTML (and obviously HTML) and CSS, what help do you need?
    Simply add, in the CSS style section,
    .. backgound url into the body style
    .. background color into the 'text <DIV>' style

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    It is simply a matter of positioning that background image then moving the sliding the block level elements that contain the text into place. If you need to see how you can center the block level elements, as the background image will probably be centered you can take a look at http://bluerobot.com/web/css/center1.html

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