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    Hi guys,

    Pls. clarfiy the following :

    Question : 1

    I am created one database with 35 tables and tables are indexed wherever necessary.
    After entering so many records in one table, (above 2 laks of records), the database gets slow even it is indexed
    for the particular table. Why it happens. How to solve this. When execute this table, it takes long time and sometime
    the system will be hanged.

    Question : 2

    In my system the sql server is installed in c drive ( C:\mssql7) and taken a backup and store a file with a.bat.
    The backup file is restored with another computer which is Sql server is installed in D drive ( d:\mssql). When try
    to restore it will give an error. Why? But at the same time, the file will be restored in another computer which is
    sql server is installed in c drive ( c:\mssql) it is restored. Why ?



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    Hi krishnamurthy,

    i have the same type of problem.
    have u got the solution to this problem.

    plz letme know..

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    Try here.

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