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Thread: Trying to make an HTML e-mail

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    Question Trying to make an HTML e-mail

    I thought this would be easier, but it hasn't yet.
    I want to make a simple HTML e-mail, but I don't want the receiver to open the page and the image as an attachment. When the receiver opens the e-mail I wanat there to be an image in a table calling for an URL address with correct path. And, also there would be CSS text in a DIV layer. The text is calling for the external CSS file, again I checked the path is correct.

    So, at the end I thought that I just copy the HTML code and paste it in the text editor on my e-mail and just click on Send.

    Well I tried to send it to myself, but I get this:
    all the text -- but not CSS-styled and no image.

    However, when I attach and send the htm file, when I open it -- I do get the page with the image and the text -- CSS-styled.

    Any suggestions? Thanks.


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    what you can do is to put the image on a server (accessible from the outside) and use an absolute link to the image. concerning the CSS, add the CSS to your source code, so the layout will look correct. Next find a way to send the page as HTML. My tip, open an free account at Darkhorse Comics: http://dhmail.net/
    Here you will be able to send your essage as HTML.

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    Hello Kick,

    I need to send a lot of mails (each with an attachment file) to the same person, one attachment (ascii file) for mail.

    Do you know how can I automatizar this job ?
    i'am using windows 98 with outlook express 5.


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    I tried with rich text editor on, but no success

    On hotmail I turned Rich Text editor ON, but still didn't help.

    The image I have is stored in a folder in the main root of my website and the path is correct. Is that what you mean by saying, the image should be stored on accessible server? I know the path works because when I attach the letter.htm file to the e-mail, and I e-mail it to myself, after I open the e-mail, and then consequently the attachment, the HTML e-mail appears as I wanted it to appear with image and CSS all fine.

    The problem is I don't want to attach the letter.htm file to the e-mail. I want to copy the source code from Dreamweaver and paste it in the text editor and e-mail it. Then I want the receiver to open HTML e-mail with CSS and images, not the source code that I pasted.

    By the way, I've never done internal CSS. On the external file I put:
    /* CSS Document */
    before I start the CSS code.
    What do I put in the external within the HTML?

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    If you're using Dreamweaver, you can change teh text properties in the properties box. By doing that, Dreamweaver will create the respective stylesheet in your source code. Just try it out with a new blank html page, typ some text and change the font face in the property box. Take a look at your source code> You'll see something like this in the Head-tag:

    <STYLE type="text/css">
    .style1 {
    font-family: "Courier New", Courier, mono;
    font-size: 12px;
    color: #666666;

    If you copy your CSS code between the Style-tag, you're set.

    Next by accessible I’m referring to an http:// address. If you have a website online, add the image to your website and refer to it in your newsletter with the complete URL. Something like:

    Here I created a folder “newsletter” on the root of my website. In that folder I created a new folder called “images” and in this folder I place all the images for that newsletter.
    In the newsletter source code you’ll refer to the images with the complete URL, something like this:
    <IMG SRC="http://www.yourwebsite.com/newsletter/images/header.gif" WIDTH="216" HEIGHT="200">

    Sending the newsletter:
    I’m using a free email address on darkhorse to test my newsletter. When your composing a message you’ll see a checkbox with “send as HTML” next to it. Select this box. Copy and paste your source code in the message text field and send it. The only downside is that Darkhorse adds a little advertising message to the email. But it’s a very simple way to test your newsletter.

    Just try it.

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    Thanks for your help.

    The latest has been that I got rid off any CSS internal as well, because a Hotmail receiver wouldn't see the CSS. Hotmail, I believe, bumps the sender's CSS and substitues it with their own CSS.

    I also got rid off DIV: they do not display correctly on HTML e-mails.

    Right now the HTML e-mail has only Tables.

    Also, when I receive the HTML messages that I sent, they display differently in Hypermart.net, Yahoo and in Hotmail. One doesn't display the background color, the other doesn't display a table color that I had, yet, displays the background color, and so on.

    Also, sending the HTML code from Outlook and Yahoo is a problem. When I paste the code in the body of the e-mail, it apparently adds some invisible code to the code I paste. I tried turning off Rich Text editor on Yahoo (so no additional code is added to the code I pasted) but the e-mails do not get sent correctly.

    So far the e-mail gets sent correctly only on Hotmail, with Rich text editor Off. For the official letter that I'm doing, I, also, need to start using Hypermart.net, and tests haven't been going well there as well (with their Rich text editor Off).

    It's all starting to get too confusing; but at the end it's a lot of trial and error.

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    a lot of webmail providers like Hotmail replace your CSS by theirs. Take a closer look at the source code. There is a work-around available on the internet. Often they replace your background, coded in CSS, with a plain white one and the colour of the text changes to black.
    It' a shame.

    Success with your newsletter.

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