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Thread: Personal Spam

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    Personal Spam


    A little light on the subject needed.

    I just got the second E Mail within the hour, the first one just some good willed quotes, the second offering some gruesome Spam, but the distressing thing to me is that is addresses my name and last name, my question is how that privy information was obtained, I have made a few purchases with a credit card in the past but supposedly on secure transactions and even if that is how they obtained my name I would think they would want to keep that from my knowledge, my full name that is, so not to alarm me.

    Could it be that someone could read my IP address? Or a way to get around the Spam filter, or still how did they find my name?

    Any clues or information about the subject I would appreciate.

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    1) any one can get your ip ^^ theres ways
    2) email are easly obtained.
    3) dont worry about spam msg just dont open them
    4) get a beter email address if you have a crrapy one with out filters
    5) if you need ill give u gmail

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    Re: Personal Spam

    Originally posted by onehpctx
    Any clues or information about the subject I would appreciate.
    I suppose you use your real name as identifier on some of your e-mail accounts.

    Well, if someone you have mailed to some time in the past gets a virus or worm that forwards his/her entire address book, then the spammer gets this information too.

    So, it doesn't necessarily have to be something you've done, but something done to someone else who happens to have your e-mail address and all of your details.

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    i am remarcably happy with g-mails spam filter... but before, when i just started using e-mail and junk i got no spam whatso ever and all of a sudden... POOF! spam
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    some tips:

    - get some sort of antispam software. I use Norton's AntiSpam
    - don't type in an email like jdoe@hotmail.com on the web. Email spiders crawl around looking for this. Instead encrypt it in javascript, or use some other method in which the user knows what to do. For example, my email is jdoe _at_ hot mail.com

    but do remember, no matter what, spam still gets through!

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    I use mailwasher (link in sig)
    it has a free trial, uses all the same algorithms as spam filters, but lets you manually check them. also it displays html emails as text only, blocking viruses etc.
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