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Thread: reverting a frame back into a non frames page

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    reverting a frame back into a non frames page

    Hi, all here is my latest obstacle that ihave been working on.
    I need to make a frames page to go back to a non frames with the current contents of the left frame inside of it when you click on a link.
    This code here works up until you start navigating through a particular page different from the page you started with in the frame then it refuses to budge. I am not real sure why this isn't working for me. anybody got any ideas.

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    this will work it turns out location.href=parent.realchoices.location.href. yours may work I haven't tried it. Turns out my test was going off the server so it won't work because you simply can not reference it if it is off the server. Sorry about this, i feel abit sheepish but thanks for the help.

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    So how would I get it so that 3 frames (top, main and bottom) all go into one non-framed page? Sorry I couldn't quite follow the coding below.

    0101100101100101011100110010110000100000011101110110010100100000011000110110000101101110001000000110 0001011011000110110000100000011101110111001001101001011101000110010100100000011010010110111000100000 01100010011010010110111001100001011100100111100100100001

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    clark provided some of the answer, although you can do it without this. top.window.location.href="whatever url" should do what you want it is the same as <a href="whatever" target="_top" > should also do it. Because even in a three frame page, top should refer to the top most window thus the page holding the three frames when you change its location it should go to the appropriate url inputted. Try it if it doesn't work post it. I was trying to revert back to a page referenced by a particular frame.

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