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Thread: /t/ terra mpetus clan site

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    /t/ terra mpetus clan site

      The following website was created for the /t/ terra mpetus Battlefield 1942 clan. I am sure their are a few errors with the page; however, it is complete at this time.  PunkPuke and I created the site using client(me) and server-side(punk) scriping. All the graphics and HTML/CSS layout design was by my hand. I consider this site one of my favorite creations due to it's clean and easy to navigate interface.

      We are working on a new project aimed at the gamming community, a new League for competitive online gamming. It will be mine and punksPuke's greatest creation thus far. I will be sure to post a link when it is complete.
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    A few errors? I see 84.
    Also, tables for layout are stupid.

    O.k. rather than ***** about the appauling code, I'll try and concentrate on the design for once.

    That form is pretty much hidden, It took me awhile to notice it. The same goes for the buttons.

    Your header is urm... nowhere, most websites have clear titles, this is generaly a good idea.

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    Keep in mind, I am still fairly new to this... all these projects are for education and fun. These are not professional webpages.

    I hadn't intended to have a title on the page... I felt it wasn't necessary, also I stopped working on the site before I could complete the scrimmage page, and validate the website. So although incomplete, I figured it was a rather quick and educational build.

    As for tables, I will need to look into alternate routes to remove tables from the design, up to this point I had thought tables were a good source of structure.

    Thank you for your reply, that is exactly the kind of input and information I was looking for, feel free to reveal more problems if you see them. The more replies I recieve, the better chance I have of learn about the do's and do not's of webdesign.

    Also when I post my new project I would like you to look at it; however, it is far from completion... I am taking my time with this one
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