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Thread: Trying to locate recent article about $100 linux desktop computer

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    Trying to locate recent article about $100 linux desktop computer

    I recently came across an article talking about a new Linux desktop computer for only $100. The catch? You must buy at least 100,000 units. This program is designed for governments of less fortunate countries to enable them to get their citizens online and computer literate.

    Now, when I need this article for a project, I can't find it. I should've bookmarked it.

    I checked cnet and other places, still nothing. I think I originally saw it on Yahoo news, but I'm not 100% sure.

    Any help greatly appreciated!

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    Yeah... for the unfortunate countries right? Lets see... $100........ but you have to buy 100,000...... thats 100 x 100000 = 10,000,000 .... 10 million! Thats a lot! Well actually.... never mind, they could come up with it pretty easily..... or not.
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    I dont know about the hardware running in a 100 doller pc. My server is going to cost me 100 bucks... but I already have the power supply, motherboard (onboard vid), and hard drive for it, not to mention the nintendo case I am going to put it in .

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