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Thread: Mulitple sites on one server

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    Mulitple sites on one server

    hey there.

    im curious to know. i have 1 site on my server, in the root. google has indexed it, and its doing fine. i recently made another site, and have simply enough put it in a folder in the root. i ahv a redirected domain name, that points to that folder. i have a robots file, and the pages are good, but google hasnt indexed them. is there a reason it isnt? or do you think it just hasnt got around to it yet? like, is it a bad thing that i had multiple sites on one server? any ideas?


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    I don't think it's likely to cause a problem, more likely Google hasn't found the site or crawled it yet because of a lack of links to it. Try searching for your site name using the query "site:www.example.com" to see which pages are stored or known about by Google.


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    well, i havent really advertised it much, so thats probably why. its not incredibly important, and dont have enough time right now to edit and spread the word. but ill keep an eye out to see if it gets indexed. id di add it into the google pages to crawl.

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