I have a jump menu made in dreamweaver that works great in the browser...
but not in an html email

It selects the proper file to download based upon the platform selection of the user...
I can only assume it does not work because I am extremely new to javascript
Can someone point in the right direction ?
many thank

//in the header of my php script
$java = <<<EOF
<script language="javascript">
function myWindow(form) {

var ind,url,day,id,params,win;

ind = form.DLFonovisa.selectedIndex;
if (ind==0) { return; }
url = eval('form.DLFonovisa.options['+ind+'].value');
day = new Date();
id = day.getTime();
params = 'width=50,height=50,resizable,scrollbars';
win = open (url,id,params);


//in the body of my php script

$downloadJavaFunction = <<<EOF
<td height="30" align="center" valign="top">
<form name="form1">
<select name="DLFonovisa" onChange="myWindow(this.form);">
<option value="Dummy" selected>Select Operating System</option>
<option value="$BaseUrl/$pcFile">Windows [XP,2000,98]</option>
<option value="$BaseUrl/$macFile">Mac [OS X,OS 9]</option>