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Thread: Review Plz!

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    Review Plz!


    We have developed and lanuched an site ,


    This site is an Webmaster Rsource Index, where people can submit their resource, community , products , tutorials , hosting company . etc.

    we would like you to review our site, and also submit your resource to us and make this site as No1 resource for webmasters.



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    [list=1][*]Tables for layout == bad code, not really appropriate for a webmasters resource site is it?[*]The layout looks more like one of those directory sites, aimed at making money rather than helping the user.[/list=1]
    Disclaimer. (1) Whilst I will help you sometimes, if I feel like it, and my advice in relation to your actual question will be of good quality: my posts are to be taken with a pinch of salt. I will be sarcastic, deploy irony and include obscure cultural references for my own amusement without warning.
    (2) You will gain nothing from complaining, and if you try to argue with me then you will not win. No matter how noble your battle seems, I am still better than you, don't be an hero.

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    Two complete <html> pages including two doctypes and two complete built in stylesheets.

    Not much of a developers resource.

    *edit- oops I miscounted, there are three of each:

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    I agree with the two previous postings, on all accounts. The massive amount of advertising/company references seriously affects the integrity of your site.

    The last thing the Web needs is another site solely made up of links to other sites. That's what a Google Search (as is included in your page) is for.

    Try organizing your intentions for this site - WHY am I creating a site? If you don't know, or are doing it because you've received free web space, reconsider. If you're doing it to create a helpful resource, write actual content and choose supplementary resources, such as links, to complement it - not stand in as its stead.

    One last thing - Revisit the cloud/sun graphics. At first glance, your page appears to be something linked off the Weather Channel.

    Good Luck -

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