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Thread: trojans by FTP

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    trojans by FTP

    I've had trojans trying to infect my machine on two out of three FTP accounts that I use. Once evrey few days for the past few weeks, usually soon after I connect.

    Norton Antivirus blocked them and gave me a message with the name of the trojan (last one was phinneas phucker) and the path - Filezilla.exe, my FTP client.

    First question, is there anything I can do to make the FTP client itself more secure. Perhaps there's something wrong with filezilla?

    And secondly, should I contact the web hosting provider about this? I mean, isn't it their job to keep their system clean? what if I wanted to use FTP to allow downloads from my site, surely I'd unknowingly infect all my visitors.
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    There are worms all over the internet just poking around looking for holes. Just because they are there does not mean they will always find one. If you look in your server logs you will see tons of attack data I bet. That does not mean worms got onto your system though.

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